Exploring Physics Curriculum App

an interactive app for teaching high school physics (Physics First), physical science or conceptual physics classes!

PRICES LISTED REPRESENT A REDUCTION OF 50% to make the app more affordable during these trying times.

The app works as a workbook, lab book and textbook all in one! Students can use text, drawings, graphs, tables to record their work. The curriculum combines hands-on activities with a discussion-based pedagogy (modeling) and can be used for 8th grade through early college.

To use the EP curriculum app, first download the app for your operating system. The curriculum contains 8 eUnits (electronic textbooks). Learn more about each eUnit and what they cover. Purchase and install the eUnits in the EP app.

Try out a Free Sample of one eUnit for several weeks!

The Exploring Physics Curriculum App was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, NSF DUE 0928924.

The Exploring Physics Curriculum App is aligned to the NGSS high school physical science, Mathematics Common Core, Republic of South Africa CAPS and other state standards.